Activities of the Center for Science Education

Connecting Science Educators around the Globe

  • Countries from which science teachers have visited us for training:
    Thailand, Afghanistan, Philippines, English-speaking countries of Sub-Saharan Africa (Kenya, Ethiopia, Malawi, South Africa, Ghana, Swaziland,Zambia, Nigeria,Uganda)
  • Countries that have been partners in joint research: Bangladesh,Singapore, Australia,Germany,Russia
  • Overseas training destinations for our affiliated high schools: US, Australia, Thailand
Science teachers from Africa visit a high school
science lab.(a JICA project)


A high school teacher from the Phillippines conducts asemiconductor experiment using a spectrometer


Science Education Using ICT

  • Research is being conducted in partnership with our affiliated schools on ways to incorporate tablets into the classroom.
  • Research is being conducted on training methods to improve the ICT skills of teachers.
  • We are developing teaching materials, equipment management systems, software and hardware.

An elementary school science class using ICT

Cultivating Highly Skilled Science Teachers

We are implementing special training programs designed for various participant groups. including selected undergraduate students and graduate students who want to become higher level science teachers.

Teacher Training

We offer various training programs to help elementary, junior high and high school science teachers improve their skills.

  • In addition to legally prescribed trainings, we offer voluntary teacher trainings of our own.
  • The training content is developed based on the instructors' skills and goals, and emphasis is placed on laboratory work and research on teaching materials.

A junior high school teacher presents the results of his work in a poster display

Partnering with Affiliated Schools

Osaka Kyoiku University has 11 affiliated schools(three lementary schools, three junior high schools,three high schools, one kindergarten and one special education school). The Center for Science Education engages in advanced science education research in partnership with its affliatedschools.

  • We conduct surveys on student scientific awareness based on the items contained in the OECD's Programme for International Student Assessment (P1SA), a survey of science literacy.
  • We support the eff'orts of Tennoji High School which has received the SSH designation from the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) (since2009). We support exchanges with advanced science and technology high schools overseas (in countrieslike the US, Australia and Thailand).

Overseas training  program for
the affiliated high school (in the US)

Sharing the Excitement of Science with Everyone

The supporting instructors of the Center for Science Education (professor volunteers in the sciences at Osaka Kyoiku University) assist with various science events in our local communities and schools.

  • Help with hands-on science events designed for young children, students and the general public.
  • Provideroaming lessons to elementary, junior high and high schools.
  • Serve as advisors to boards of education and schools.

A university professor advises a high school
student on research projects
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